Kia Sportage

Client: Kia Motors UK
Year: 2018
Project: All-New Sportage
Agency: mobedia
Territories: UK & Ireland

Our roles:
Adam: VFX Supervisor + 3D Artist
Gary: Creative + Video Director
During our time at mobedia, we spent nearly a decade working as a production partner with Kia Motors UK to great success.

In 2018, to celebrate 25 years of brand-building success, Kia released the All-New Sportage: their flagship model, a firm family favourite, and solid Kia-classic.

To support the launch, we used storytelling, filmmaking, animation, and 3D printing to seamlessly blend reality with an immersive interactive experience, which connected with it’s audience - achieving a ‘World-class’ NPS of +71.3.

Check out some highlights from the project below.


Creative Director: Gary Bannister-Simm
Designer: Paul Taylor
Designer: Karine Tardivel
Producer: Paula Jones
Producer: Denise Johnson
Production Manager (KMUK): Karen Fagan
Director: Gary Bannister-Simm
VFX Supervisor: Adam Johnson
Instructional Design: Nick Fussey
Scriptwriter: Jen Long-O'Hare
Editor: Gary Bannister-Simm
2D Animator: Ash Barnish
3D Animator + VFX Artist: Adam Johnson
Project Manager: Paula Jones
Exec Producer: Johnny Hall
Agency: mobedia
Client: Kia Motors UK