Client: MyPro
Year: 2021
Project: For the Dedicated
Agency: THG Studios
Territories: Global

Our roles:
Adam: VFX Supervisor
Gary: Animation Director

Video content © THG Studios
For the 2021 launch of the 'MyPro' brand, Myprotein pulled together some of it's high-performing athletes to create a high-impact launch campaign, delivered by THG Studios.

The shoot saw Zack George, Vickly Fleetwood and Eddie Hall (complete with a lorry) demonstrate how MyPro aids their performance.

To bring elements of the Mypro branding into the film, a large 3D 'glass' shard was composited into the scenes with each performer, acting as a pseudo 'power meter'. Adam acted as a VFX Supervisor on this project, with Gary leading the direction of the 3D animation.

This project was made during our time as members of the THG Studios team - Adam as 'Lead Creative Video Technologist' and Gary as 'Group Director of Video & Motion' and is used with kind permission of THG Studios.


Director/DOP: James Killeen
Producer: Ste Delahunty
Edit: Jamil Shaukat
Creative Director: Andy Roberts
Senior Designer: Daniel Moore
AD: Ryan Goodman
1st AC: Ben Langley
2nd AC: Dean Keague
Steadicam: Will Lyte
PA: Benjamin Hall
Video Coordinator: Amy Roberts
VFX: Stephen Townsend
VFX: Adam Johnson
Animation Director: Gary Bannister-Simm
Colourist: Connor Coolbear
Colour house: Etc Colour
Lighting: Drop City
Gaffer: Shaun Kane
Desk Op: Rik Foreman
Rigger: Lewis Shakelton
Sound: Peter Bailey
Sound: Chris Lawton
Sound Design: Rob Owen
HMU: Katie Wrigley
Stylist: Bethan Ross
Photography: Danny Cheetham
Photography Assistant: Jon Hardiman
Agency: THG Studios
Client: MyPro / Myprotein

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