Client: Myprotein
Year: 2021
Project: Shake Up Your Cool Down
Agency: THG Studios
Territories: Global

Our roles:
Adam: VFX Artist

Video content © THG Studios
With a campaign called ‘Shake up your cool down’ there’s no chance that the protein shaker isn’t taking centre-stage, so that’s exactly what the team at THG Studios delivered.

Using a match-cut effect, the shake stays in the same place on screen, whilst the scenes around it change. Pulling this off seamlessly was no mean feat - it required a complex rigging system for all the live-action, then some careful VFX work by Adam to make it look like the shaker is magically frozen in the middle of the frame. Pretty effective!

This project was made during our time as members of the THG Studios team - Adam as 'Lead Creative Technologist' and Gary as 'Group Director of Video & Motion' and is used with kind permission of THG Studios.


Director & DOP: James Killeen
Creative Director: Andy Roberts
Creative: James Farndale
Editor: Lee Doughty
VFX Artist: Adam Johnson
2D Animator: Hannah Crane
Production Coordinator: Tien Nolan
Post-Production Coordinator: Amy Roberts
Agency: THG Studios
Client: Myprotein

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