Client: Myprotein
Year: 2020
Project: Stronger Together
Agency: THG Studios
Territories: Global

Our roles:
Adam: VFX Supervisor + Artist
Gary: Exec Producer

Video content © THG Studios
To support 'Mental Health' Week in 2020, Myprotein launched their 'Stronger Together' campaign to help highlight the struggles that people go through.

To demonstrate this, the idea was born to put athletes through some everyday 'struggles' then simply 'magic' them away.

It was important to the team that the act of 'struggling' (in these instances, through lifting a weight) looked realistic - they wanted the audience to believe they were going through the motions, rather than just acting the part; we needed muscles tensing, straining, grimacing... quite literally, struggling!

To achieve this, the THG Studios brought in g6moco, who used their motorised robot to create a simple camera movement that we could repeat multiple times to create the plates we needed.

In post-production the different takes were used to digitally remove the weights, and give us the desired effect for the campaign. Twinned with some effective sound-design and copywriting, you can see the end results below.

This project was one of our favourites during our time as members of the THG Studios team - Adam as 'Lead Creative Video Technologist' and Gary as 'Group Director of Video & Motion' and is used with kind permission of THG Studios.


Director/DOP: James Killeen
Creative Director: Andy Roberts
Creative Lead: James Swan
Photography: Ryan Edy
Gaffer: Conrad Ohnuki
Producer: Ste Delahunty
VFX Supervisor - Adam Johnson
Sound Recordist: Pete Bailey
1st AD: Ellis Dagnall
Robotics: g6moco
Stylist: Gemma Harrison
VFX: Charles Dixon
VFX: Ian Cassidy
VFX: Adam Johnson
Editor: Joe Walmsley
Production Coordinator: Amy Roberts
Sound Design: 344 Audio
Executive Producer: Gary Bannister-Simm
Agency: THG Studios
Client: Myprotein

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