Client: Myvitamins
Year: 2022
Project: Black Friday
Agency: THG Studios
Territories: Global

Our roles:
Adam: 2D Animator

Video content © THG Studios
For Black Friday 2022, THG Studios conceived a stylish journey though the wonderful world of story tales for Myvitamins.

Adam brought these worlds to life through some effective 2D animation, throwing a ton of techniques in to the mix. The result is a lovely journey through the unknown.

This project was made during our time as members of the THG Studios team - Adam as 'Lead Creative Technologist' and Gary as 'Group Director of Video & Motion' and is used with kind permission of THG Studios.


Creative Director: Jonny Davies
Creative: Raushan Kumar
2D Animator: Stephen Townsend
2D Animator: Adam Johnson
Post-Production Coordinator: Amy Roberts
Agency: THG Studios
Client: Myvitamins

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