Client: Renault
Year: 2017
Project: Supply Chain
Agency: mobedia/Obsbourne Purdie
Territory: UK

Our roles:
Adam: 2D Animator
Gary: Creative Director
From 2015 to 2019 mobedia partnered with Osbourne Purdie for a series of projects for Renault.

One of our favourites is this highly-stylised 2D isometric animation we produced to demonstrate how Renault vehicles get from the factory to the showroom - you can see an extract below.

The project was completely conceived, designed, scripted and animated in-house at mobedia.


Creative Director: Gary Bannister-Simm
Designer: Paul Taylor
2D Animator: Ash Barnish
2D Animator: Hayley Griffiths
Post Producer: Adam Johnson
Copywriter: Jen Long-O'Hare
Project Manager: Paula Jones
Client Services: Spencer Martin
Exec Producer: Johnny Hall
Agency: mobedia / Osbourne Purdie
Client: Renault

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