Client: Santander
Year: 2017
Project: Our Behaviours
Agency: mobedia
Territories: UK

Our roles:
Adam: 2D Animator + DOP
Gary: Creative Director
During 2017, Santander - one of the UK's leading personal financial services brands in the UK, undertook a major internal culture shift on employee behaviour. This level of realignment was a huge undertaking, so Santander needed a new and radical way to communicate to their people.

mobedia and DSW teamed up to conceive, shoot and deliver a series of videos for Santander to help with their rollout. To aid the narrative, we mixed live-action with highly-stylised 2D animation, which was used to bring some light relief to an otherwise serious topic.

Due to the nature of the content, and the sensitivities of finance, we had to create an alternative-universe for our characters, and scenarios, to live in.

Adam and Gary handled all elements of the production, with Gary directing the shoot, and Adam leading motion. The videos were warmly received by the team at Santander, who then asked us to create additional promotional videos for the campaign.

A little sample of the project can be seen below.


Creative Director: Gary Bannister-Simm
Designer: Paul Taylor
Designer: Karine Tardivel
Scriptwriter: Jen Long-O'Hare
Scriptwriter: Gary Bannister-Simm
Content Supervisor: Graham Hyde
Production Assistant: Joe Walmsley
Production Assistant: Ash Barnish
Director: Gary Bannister-Simm
DOP: Adam Johnson
2D Animator: Adam Johnson
2D Animator: Ash Barnish
Editor: Gary Bannister-Simm
Project Manager: Paula Jones
Client Services: Spencer Martin
Exec Producer: Johnny Hall
Exec Producer: Neil Taylor
Agency: mobedia / DSW
Client: Santander

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