Skyy Vodka

Client: Skyy Vodka
Year: 2023
Project: 2023 Campaign
Agency: THG Studios
Territories: Global

Our roles:
Adam: 2D Animator & Editor

Video content © THG Studios
During early 2023, THG Studios created an incredible volume of assets for Skyy Vodka for use across their online and social platforms. The assets covered everything from the story of Skyy Vodka, it's provenance, their signature serves, favourite cocktail recipes and many, many more. A few of the edits can be seen below.

This project was made during our time as members of the THG Studios team - Adam as 'Lead Creative Technologist' and Gary as 'Group Director of Video & Motion' and is used with kind permission of THG Studios.


Creative Director: Nick Cooper
Creative: Matthew Comber
2D Animation: Hannah Crane
2D Animation: Adam Johnson
Editor: Adam Johnson
Client: Skyy Vodka
Agency: THG Studios

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