Client: Tactus
Year: 2018
Project: iPhone 7
Agency: mobedia
Territories: Global

Our roles:
Gary: Creative + Video Editor
Sometimes a simple idea is all you need. And sometimes that simple idea can literally take you an hour from concept to delivery. This project for Tactus is exactly that.

During 2016, mobedia delivered a huge and multi-faceted marketing campaign for technology group Tactus - who, at that time, were about to drop their latest and greatest cases for the (at that time) latest and greatest handset - the new iPhone 7.

We literally delivered 100's of assets across this campaign, but this one has always stuck out for it's simple but effective messaging - there'a whole rainbow of coloured cases available for you phone, and this is where you get them. Stick that with a jaunty soundtrack, and you're on you've got a recipe for success.


Creative: Gary Bannister-Simm
Designer: Paul Taylor
2D Animator: Ash Barnish
Editor: Gary Bannister-Simm
Project Manager: Grace Nolan
Client Services: Neil Taylor
Exec Producer: Johnny Hall
Agency: mobedia
Client: Tactus