Vodafone Music Show

Client: Vodafone UK
Year: 2011-2012
Project: Vodafone Music
Territory: UK

Our roles:
Adam: 1st AC
Gary: Video Director
The Vodafone Music Show ran between 2011-2012 across the Vodafone UK YouTube channel, and the brand-new Vodafone VIP Facebook Tab (back when they were a thing!)

It featured interviews with artist like Ed Sheeran, Kelly Clarkson, Jason Derulo, Example, David Guetta and all the major music acts of the late 00’s which Gary directed, shot and edited as part of his role as Video Director at Vodafone.

The show also went on the road filming at nearly every major music festival in the UK throughout the summer, and a long weekend at the Capital FM Summertime Ball at Wembley, where we interviewed the artists, featured the sights and sounds of the festivals, and showed off the world-class Vodafone VIP experience for their customers.


Director: Gary Bannister-Simm
1st AC: Adam Johnson
Artist Liaison: Emma Laing
Artist Liaison: Adonia Wasson
Artist Liaison: James Coughlan
Vodafone Comms: Amy Wilsenach
Editor: Gary Bannister-Simm
Agency: Vodafone UK / Noise Inc.