adam or gary

We've amassed a wide variety of services / skillsets between us over the years, so we can support on anything from full end-to-end video production, through to just single hero VFX scenes.

Because we can do a lot of this 'in-house' we can deliver more 'bang' for your buck and be incredibly agile.

Filmmaking is a team sport - so for large productions we also have a not-so-little black book of creatives, producers, photographers, DOPs, studios, etc. who we trust to partner with.

So if you want to work with adam+gary, adam or gary, or even adam+gary+friends - you can see our 'SEO-friendly' list of bits we specialise in below.

Video Production
We can deliver end-to-end for any video production; from concept to completion. You can be as hands-off or hands-on as you like through the process - we love to collaborate.

This turnkey solution means you get everything you need to deliver your campaign across all customer touch-points. We’re experienced in the best-practises for social platform delivery, and we’ve shot everything from narrative, brand films, corporate films and event promos through to TV Adverts:

Ideation • Storyboarding • Scriptwriting • Location Scouting • Casting • Director • DOP • Sound • VFX Supervisor • Producer • Video Editor • Colourist • VFX • Creative Direction • CGI • 2D Animation • 3D Animation • Motion Graphics
TV Ads / ATL
We can help demystify TV advertising. We’ve delivered numerous TV ads across beauty, nutrition and lifestyle brands, and we’re old-hands at Clearcast and delivery for linear, VOD and CTV campaigns. We have trusted partners who can assist with media buying if required:

Clearance • Substantiation • Regulations • Technical Specs • Delivery
Online Video / BTL
Ensuring the right content is created for the right platform, and tailored for paid or organic use can be a headache. We can help conceive and delver content across all platforms, using hero/hub/hygiene methodologies, and we specialise in 'sweating the asset' - where through detailed pre-production we can ensure we shoot and deliver a full-suite of content from a single production (our record is 1k assets).
We can also ensure consistency across your customer touch-points, delivering web banners and on-site video, designed for responsive use..
Instagram (Feed & Stories) • Youtube (Channel Content and Ads) • TikTok (Feed & Live Selling) • Website Banners • Website Videos
Video Retouch
Fix it in post - not the ideal situation, but sometimes it can’t be helped. Rather than costly reshoots, or delays to your production, we have a variety of tools to adjust your video project to ensure it’s the best it can be. The best kind of video retouch is the one your can’t see!

Scratch removal • Label change • Change/remove text • Product replacement • Skin clean-up • Branding removal • Colour change • Remove items
Video Editing
From long-form original content to 6s Youtube bumper ads - we can help with all your video editing requirements. We edit all our own content, and often get brought in by agencies to edit their projects, or make 'edit-only' deliverables where there's no overall production.
Brand Films • Product Launches • Original Content / Series • Instagram Edits • Youtube Adverts • TikTok Content • Long-form content • Internal Communications • Press Releases
Need to go beyond the ordinary? We can bring the impossible to life by adding to (or taking away from!) practically filmed footage and create stunning visuals which will make your audience ponder, "How did they do that?"
Whether it's seamlessly integrating 3D CGI elements into the world, creating new worlds with set extensions and green screen, or removing practical elements which would give the secret away, we have the skills to bring your impossible ideas to life.
Compositing • Green Screen • Roto • Faux out-of-home Advertising (FOOH) • Motion Tracking • Rig Removal • Set Extensions
Video Creative Direction
Whether you have no idea, or just need help with an idea, we’ve spent the last 20 years transforming ideas into reality. We excel when you come too us with a problem that we can solve, rather then the solution (but even then, we can throw in a few creative curveballs!)

Every brand has their own story to tell, and their own look and feel, so we provide a ‘consistently inconsistent’ approach (which has helped us build up a diverse portfolio) that’s tailored for you, with the aim to make a connection with your audience. From concept to completion, we have a strategic approach to video production, and a passion for pushing boundaries.

Ideation • Team Leadership • Brand Alignment • Client Collaboration • Storyboarding and Scripting • Visual Direction • Budget Management • Quality Control • Delivery
VFX Supervision
Have a VFX idea but not sure how to pull it off? With our experience of both the production and post production process, we can work with you to find the most practical and efficient solution to suit any time or budget.

As well as developing the idea in pre-production, we assist with on-set supervision and VFX data processing to flag and solve issues before they arrive, saving headaches down the road.

VFX Pre-prodution and Consulting • VFX Supervision • VFX Data Wrangling
2D Animation
We can collaborate and bring your existing design ideas to life, or work with our network of creatives to deliver compelling narratives, explainer videos, and promotional material.

From concept to animation, we provide end-to-end solutions tailored to enhance your brand and engage your audience across a multitude of platforms.

Social Media Content • Logo Idents • Explainer Videos • Animated Titles • Motion Graphics Templates
3D Animation
Whether it's photorealistic pack-shots, abstract motion graphics or technical product demos, we have the ability to deliver quality 3D animations for any need.

Using the latest 3D scanning technology, we can capture your products in high detail for accurate digital doubles - or even create them scratch when you need to show off your goods before it's manufactured.

Motion Graphics • Product Modelling • Photogrammetry • Product Renders • Teaser Animations • Title Sequences • 3D Simulations • Unreal Engine
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
As forward-thinking creatives, we are dedicated to staying up to date on cutting edge developments like AI and actively explore how they can integrat into the creative process. Our commitment to staying current with AI trends not only lets us see how the wind is blowing, but also positions us at the forefront of the evolving landscape of AI-infused creativity.

AI Concepting • Style Transfers • Stable Diffusion • Model Training
Augmented Reality (AR)
Explore a new realm of engagement with augmented reality. We can create optimised assets for interactive 3D website models, try-at-home real world scale products, and social media filers for all platforms. Transform your brand presence and captivating audiences through innovative experiences that redefine creativity.

WebAR • Model Optimisation • Instagram Filters • World-Based Effects • 360 Spins • Product Configurators
Virtual Reality (VR)
Virtual Reality needs to have a really compelling use-case, but when used purposefully, it can revolutionise the way you engage with your audience (just don't mention the Metaverse...)

We're passionate about immersive storytelling, and there's some brilliant examples of using VR to bring your audience closer to your brand (look up how Toms did this) so we'd love to review your ideas and see if VR is the right soluion.

Training Simulations • Virtual Tours • Immersive Storytelling
Interactive Experiences
Interactive experiences come in many flavours - we've created everything from mobile-first WebGL interactive 3D vehicles, web-based narrative-driven interactive video for product launches through to installations within in the worlds biggest escape game franchise.
We can amplify your events using technology, or connect with customers from the comfort of their own phones - we can design and build interactive experiences that achieve record NPS scores, and leave an impact.
Instructional & Interface Design • Interactive Video • Live-Event Installations • Live-Action Attractions • Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences • Augmented Reality (AR) Installations • Escape Rooms • Interactive Art Installations • Virtual Tours and 360-Degree Experiences • Interactive Storytelling • Interactive Exhibits at Museums • Live Demonstrations and Workshops • Immersive Theatre • Interactive Product Demos
In-House Consultation
With a large portion of our careers spent in senior leadership and director roles for successful in-house teams at both independent agencies and PLC's, we can provide a unique perspective on how to build from the ground-up, or level-up your video and motion teams. We’ve overseen every kind of production, worked with all-levels of talent, and helped to smash KPIs.

Recruitment • Talent Retention • Team Strategy • In-house Equipment & Procurement • Effective Delivery • Cross-Department Collaboration • Celebrating Success • Quality Control • Delivery
360° Video
360° video technology captures a panoramic view of the surroundings, allowing your audience to explore scenes from every angle, and places them at the centre of the action.

We've used 360° video to demonstrate unreleased vehicles, twinned it with interactivity to demonstrate best-practises, and provided virtual tours of environments as an important part of the sales funnel

Virtual Tours • Events and Concerts • Education & Training • Marketing Campaigns • Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences • Documentaries • Product Demonstrations