Original Source

Client: Original Source
Year: 2018
Project: Shower Milks
Agency: mobedia/Webber Shandwick
Territories: UK & Australia

Our roles:
Adam: 2D Animator
Gary: Animation Director
Webber Shandwick commissioned mobedia to produce a launch film for Original Source, celebrating the launch of their new 'Shower Milks' range.

The concept started life as a video, but quickly pivoted to 2D animation when our ideas (which mostly involved firing milk out of a bathroom cabinet into an actors face) became bigger than the budget or timelines could afford.

This approach allowed us to have some fun with the copywriting and narrative, and we even got to "put da lime in the coconut..."

The launch was a success, and is just one of many projects we produced for Original Source.


Animation Director: Gary Bannister-Simm
2D Animator: Adam Johnson
2D Animator: Ash Barnish
Designer: Paul Taylor
Client Services: Spencer Martin
Exec Producer: Johnny Hall
Agency: mobedia + Webber Shandwick
Client: Original Source

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